How to verify certificates

Each certificate is identified by its serial number. The serial number is unique for each certification authority. In principle it is possible to send the serial number to the certification authority and obtain detailed information about the certificate.

In general, you will open the information about web server certificates installed in your browser. Select the particular certificate and view details. If the certificate was issued by, remember its serial number and submit it in the verification form.

For technical and administrative reasons we had to change the certificate of the certification authority. The old certificates are still valid but new certificates will be issued by the new authority only. The differences in identification is only minor:

Old certification authority Current certification authority
Certification Authority
Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals
Prague, Czech Republic, cz
Certification Authority
Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals, Academy of Sciences
Prague, Czech Republic, cz

Please notice that the email address is no longer valid either. The current address is written in the CA main page.

It is possible to search certificates in both certification authorities.

The following text contains examples how to obtain certificate information from the browser. The information in the examples may not contain real certificates. Do not trust them, if you see them elsewhere, without looking into our database. If you do not have any web server certificate issued by us, you can access this page by secure connection. The certificate has serial number 1.

The text below presents instructions for Netscape and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Instructions for Netscape

This section covers the following topics:

Obtaining new certificate

If you access a page with our certificate for the first time and the certificate of our certification authority is not installed in your system, you will see the following dialog:

Netscape Alert

Press Next> in order to begin a dialog which consists of several steps.

Netscape now displays the basic information about the new certificate. The More Info... button can give you details. The details will be accessible at any time in the future, therefore we do not describe it now. Press Next> to continue.

Netscape New Certificate

The next dialog window asks you to allow connection to the web site. The first option is the default, the last option is what you wil most often require if you trust the certificate. Of course, you can modify the settings in the future.

Netscape Accept New Certificate

Netscape offers to warn you before sending any information to the web site. Set it as you wish.

Netscape Confirm New Certificate

Finally Netscape informs you that the certificate was accepted and ask you to confirm finishing the installation.

Netscape Finish New Certificate

Viewing and editing certificate information

The best way is to open security information about current page by clicking the lock icon in the lower left corner. The lock is open for unencrypted pages and locked for encrypted pages.

Netscape Show Security Information

The security information page is shown on the picture below. It informs you whether the page was encrypted. If the page comes from the web site the certificate of which you can view, just push the View Certificate button. If you are interested in certificate of another site, select the Web Sites item from the menu (red circled in the picure).

Netscape Security Information

You then select the site and press Edit.

Netscape Web Sites

In rare cases your browser may contain several certificates for the same web site. In such a case Netscape will offer you selection dialog similar to that displayed below.

Netscape Select Certificate

The example of certification details are shown below. Note the serial number (circled in red in the picture below). This number should be used in the verification form (leading zeros may be omited). Finally compare information from your browser with information obtained from us. If they differ significantly, you should not use it. Preferable way is to check Do not allow connection to this site. If you delete he certificate, you may connect to the web site later, the whole procedure will be repeated and you may send sensitive data to unsecure site by mistake.

Netscape Edit Certificate

Microsoft Internet Explorer

The instructions below are valid for Internet Explorer 4.0. The dialogs may slightly differ in other versions.

If you access a page with our certificate for the first time and the certificate of our certification authority is not installed in your system, you will see the following dialog:

MSIE Alert

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